To take part in the volunteer programme there is a minimum programme donation of £1750/$2850. Volunteers must raise this amount to be able to take part in the exchange. We help volunteers with fundraising advice and volunteers can fundraise alone or with the other volunteers. We give volunteers a fundraising target of £2400/$3600 that we hope they will aim towards. We also require a refundable deposit of £320/$480 to be paid upon acceptance onto the programme and returned once volunteers have completed the programme and attended their debriefing day.

Winant Clayton Volunteers is passionate about making our volunteer opportunities available for everyone and WCV tries to cover as much of the costs as possible. But as a small charity we ask all of our volunteers to help fundraise and make a programme donation to take part. WCV is on-hand to help volunteers with fundraising ideas and offer support in reaching this target.

Volunteers are provided with the following:

  • Return flights to the USA/UK
  • Accommodation for the duration of your placement (This does not include your 2 weeks travel time)
  • Living expenses in the form of a cash contribution (This contribution varies depending on the placement)
  • Travel from the airport upon arrival
  • Travel expenses to and from your placement
  • Support and supervision from our full time Volunteer Programme Coordinator
  • General programme cost
  • Volunteer activities and social events.

Please note the flat rate donation fee is required regardless of chosen placement.

A limited number of subsidised places are available through our bursary scheme.

Volunteers should budget for additional extra funds for leisure activities whilst living in New York/London and for the two weeks of independent travel at the end of the placement. (Please note that there is a minimum of £1750/$2850 that much be reached to take part in the programme.) Please also remember that a deposit of £320/$480 must also be paid. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

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