Support Us

There are a number of ways that you can support us to help ensure that the work of the Winant Clayton Volunteers can continue. Your support makes all the difference.

From cash donations to donating your time, every little bit counts towards us making this unique programme the very best it can be. Our London team is made up of one member of staff and several volunteers who juggle the demands of running our charity with full-time jobs. We are a dedicated family of people who have been inspired by the story of the Winant Clayton Volunteers and work hard to keep the programme going. You can help us keep the story alive!

Here are a few ways in which you can make a difference:


Raising significant funds from single donors such as Trusts and Grant-making bodies is becoming increasingly challenging, and so every donation from individuals is really important.

You could give a one-off donation, or sign up to be a regular giver, via direct debit. Even if you can only give a few pounds each month, having regular amounts of income can be invaluable for planning ahead. If you Gift Aid any donation, this means your support will go even further.

To make a donation please do so using our Charity Choice donation page by clicking here

Value in kind

You can donate useful items such as prizes for fundraisers and IT equipment, even consultancy services or access to members of your network who might be able to support us in some way. This kind of donation helps us to develop our practice, keep up with the pace of change in an evolving sector and increase our capacity to raise the funds we need to keep running.

To discuss your in-kind donation with a member of the team, contact us.

Become a Friend of Winant Clayton Volunteers

This year we have decided that we want to involve our friends and supporters more within the organisation. So we have created a system where you are now able to become a 'Friend of Winant Clayton Volunteers,' this enables you to support WCV and also keep informed about the work that we do and remain involved.

Anyone can be a Friend, but generally our friends are people that share the common interest, connection or personal experience with WCV. The minimum annual membership is £60 or $100 USD. But as a charity that relies on it's supporters to operate, we welcome larger annual donations for the friend scheme too.

As well as supporting WCV financially and with fundraising initiatives friends also receive the following excellent benefits:

  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date with all the work that we have been doing
  • A copy of 'Story of Winant Clayton Volunteers'
  • 10% discount on programme fees for the volunteer programme

To become a Friend in the UK or US please get in touch.